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These photographs represent the result of a re-positioning of Seventh Generation: a cleaning and home product company whose current aim is to provide an eco-friendly and practical approach to cleaning and personal care. The main goal of this project was to create a new identity system appropriate for a specific type of consumer which would be created through a customer profile. Involved in this re-positioning is the creation of a new logo, three different package designs (spray bottle, liquid, and powder), along with a point of purchase display. 
These tags unfold accordion style to reveal product details such as ingredients, warnings, etc.
I decided to base the products off the idea that all the products could be refillable. This was fitting with the creation of my costumer  Courtney who is the type of mother who likes to shop at small shops and boutiques. Seventh Generation would then be sold only at smaller venues where a refill station could be set up for consumers to come and refill the bottle of their choosing. This not only would promote economic responsibility, but it would also be a way for Courtney and other like consumers to stay involved in their community through the process of periodically refilling their products.
Therefore, instead of putting direct labels onto the bottles, I instead chose to create a system of tags which would contain all of the necessary information but would not be permanent: this way the consumer could refill the same bottle with different products over time.  When they refill with a different product, they receive a new tag for that specific product and peel the sticker off to replace the current sticker to keep track of what is in each container.

A digital example of how the boutique might present the product in a permanent display.
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